Student Testing

Standards of Learning (SOL) and Program of Studies (POS)

The Virginia Board of Education adopted the Standards of Learning (SOL) in four core subject areas: English (Reading and Writing), Mathematics, Science, and History/Social Science. The Standards of Learning (SOL) provide a framework of instructional objectives for kindergarten through high school. Students are tested in grades 3-6 to ensure that they are meeting curriculum objectives.

Program of Studies (POS) is the framework of objectives used to determine instructional emphasis for all subjects at all grade levels, kindergarten through grade 6. POS objectives provide the foundation for classroom instruction in Fairfax County Public Schools. They are the key factors in identifying, planning, implementing, and evaluating instructional programs. The Fairfax County Public Schools POS includes the SOLs and prepares students to take the tests that are mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Students at Greenbriar West Elementary are assessed in many areas throughout the year. Parents will receive a notification letter about the testing their child will have as well as the results of each test.

Some of the Virginia and Fairfax County  assessments that our students take are:

  • Grades 3-6 Standards of Learning (SOL) tests and eCART tests

  • Kindergarten Math Reasoning Assessments

  • Grades 1-2 Math Reasoning Assessments

  • Grades K-6 Developmental Reading Assessment, 2nd Edition

  • Grades K-6 Universal Screener

  • WIDA for ESOL students

  • Naglieri for grade 1 students 

  • CogAT for grade 2 students