Student Rights and Responsibilities

To achieve the goal of providing a quality education, the Fairfax County School Board has defined the responsibilities and rights of students. The document (SR&R) is used in all schools to ensure due process. All children will receive a copy of the SR&R booklet. Parents are requested to review this information with their children and return the signed acknowledgment form to school.

Telephone Use by Students

Children are not permitted to make telephone calls during the school day except in cases of emergency. Children carrying cell phones are expected to have them turned OFF during the school day.  In case of student illness, a staff member will make any calls home. Please help your child develop a set routine of placing items which must be brought to school such as money, lunch, homework, or books in a designated place to avoid leaving them behind. In the event that it is necessary to bring forgotten items to a student during school hours, parents are to leave items in the Main Office. We would like our classrooms to be free from interruptions.

Student Discipline and School Expectations

The Responsive Classroom approach to teaching and learning fosters safe, challenging, and joyful elementary classrooms and schools. Teachers will use this teaching approach with students to develop standards of behavior to maintain an atmosphere that will maximize learning throughout the building and build positive social skills. No student will be allowed to engage in any behavior that is not in his/her best interest or in the best interest of others, or is disruptive to the instructional program or staff of Greenbriar West Elementary. Certain forms of misconduct such as fighting, *bullying, discourteous behavior, and other chronic misbehavior will result in immediate administrative action. GBW school expectations are to: be kind, be cooperative, be responsible, be respectful and be a positive participant. *For more information about our Bullying Prevention Program, please visit our GBW web site.



FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities