2nd Grade Supply List

All Students

                                                  ITEM Quantity
Crayola Colored pencils, 12 count   1
Crayola Crayons, 24 count  1
Eraser, Magic Rub, Large 1
Over ear headphones, placed in a clear storage bag with student's name on it 1
Glue Sticks, Large (Elmer's Preferred) 6
Marble Composition Notebook,100 pages  (Black, No spirals please) 3
4 Pack Expo Markers (black, red, green and blue) thin tip 1
Paper Towels 1
Pencils, #2 yellow – sharpened  12
Pencil Sharpener with attached shaving box (small manual) 1
Plastic Pencil Box 1
Scissors, Fiskar 5” pointed tip 1
Storage Bags - zip top, sandwich Size, 1 box 1
Tissues, 160-200 count 1
Wipes, Disinfecting -Canister, Clorox or Lysol 2
Please do not put student names on supplies, as some supplies become shared classroom materials.
Teacher may request additional items after the school year begins; and some supplies may need replenishment during the school year.
Teachers have requested Standard sized backpacks.