2022-23 ESSER III/School Innovation and Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic year.

Complete ESSER School Funding Plans


Language Arts

Goal: By the end of the 2022-2023 School year, 100% of students will meet benchmark in Language Arts as shown by iReady, SOL tests, and any other applicable assessments.

Strategy 1: Utilize Science of Reading Strategy (Increasing language comprehension and word recognition through the use of Shared Reading and Interactive Read-Alouds) to improve Language Comprehension skills (ie. background knowledge, vocabulary, language structures, verbal reasoning, literacy knowledge)

Strategy 2: Improve Tier 1 grade level independent reading for all students with an emphasis on student reflection and student/teacher conferences.

Strategy 3: Strengthen Small Group instruction with an emphasis on Phonics and Phonemic Awareness in grades K-6



Goal: By the end of the 2022-2023 School year, 100% of students will meet benchmark in math as shown on the iReady, SOL, and any other applicable assessments.

Strategy 1: We will explicitly model sense-making routines to support students in improving their mathematical reasoning skills. 

Strategy 2: Allowing time for teachers to engage in data dialogue discussions where students strengths and needs are used to help strategically plan future instruction.  

Strategy 3: Create additional opportunities during school hours for small group instruction for students in addition to classroom instruction.  Additionally, student academic data will be used to select students who would benefit from before school interventions. 



Goal: By the end of the 2022-2023 school year, we will train our staff in how to implement the Responsive Classroom structures to improve students’ abilities to effectively regulate emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  Data from the FCPS SEL Screener will be used to assess our students’ growth in these areas.  

Strategy 1  Support school staff in implementing Morning Meeting, ZONEs of Regulation, and classroom Take a Break area schoolwide.

Strategy 2: Explicitly teach students healthy coping skills to manage stress, motivate one’s self, and work towards goals.

Strategy 3: Provide opportunities for student and community involvement to increase schoolwide partnership.


Portrait of a Graduate (POG)

Goal:  We will intentionally empower students to use their Student Voice and Communication Skills to collaboratively shape our school culture, experiences, and student learning.

Strategy 1: Teams will collaboratively plan activities, assessments, and learning experiences that intentionally teach Portrait of a Graduate communication skills and elevate students' voice.

Strategy 2: Grade levels will intentionally schedule more opportunities/events for student performances that showcase student talents, communication skills, and student voice.  Parents will be invited to these events to provide a meaningful audience.

Strategy 3: Student Leadership Team will have monthly meetings with principals and PTA to communicate student voice and advocacy in school decisions (i.e. Choosing field trips, assemblies, spirit days, community events, etc.


Goal: To help create a welcoming and culturally responsive school for both students and staff where students’ voices are elevated and all students & staff feel heard, respected, and valued.

Strategy 1: Continue to build up our before school student equity club.

Strategy 2: To use student voice and agency to further discuss future plans and goals for our equity team.

Strategy 3: To generate simple and practical methods for teachers to use that promote a more welcoming and culturally responsive classroom. 


For additional information regarding this School Plan, please contact the school principal.