Visiting Our School

Parent volunteer and visitor information and a map of where to park

Parent Volunteers and Visitors

  • Volunteers are always welcome at Greenbriar West! We encourage you to spend time at our school – come to a performance, join your child for lunch, and participate as a classroom volunteer. The safety of our students is a priority and school security must be everyone’s responsibility. All visitors (including parents) must report to the Main Office immediately upon entering the building, sign in, and obtain a visitor’s pass to wear within the building. Staff members will challenge all adult visitors not wearing an identification badge. In an effort to avoid instructional interruptions, we ask that you make a request for a classroom observation, in advance, with the administration. A classroom observation (limited to 30 minutes) will be approved on an individual basis. Please note that non-school aged children may not accompany parents when visiting or volunteering, except for lunchtime visits to the cafeteria.

Items Brought to School

  • Students should not bring toys and electronic games to school. The school will not assume responsibility for the loss of such items.

Birthday Celebrations

  • We emphasize healthy eating and good food choices in school and encourage parents to send in healthy treats instead of sweets for birthdays and other special occasions. Knives, balloons and candles are not to be brought to school. Treats should be dropped off at the office to be picked up by the student at a time determined by the teacher. Birthday invitations will not be passed out in the classroom unless there is an invitation for each student in the class.

Streets adjacent to Greenbriar West are restricted to Resident Parking.

parking map for GBW