6th Grade Supply List

6th Grade Students

ITEM1 Quantity
Colored pencils, 24 count 1
Crayola Crayons, 24 count 1
Disinfecting Wipes 1
Dry Erase Marker, Black, Fine Tip 2
Glue Stick, Elmer's, Large 6
Markers , Fine Tip, Classic Colors only- 8 Count 1
In Ear Headphones (Earbuds, NO large headphones)           1
Folders, Pocket only, with brads- Assorted Plain, Solid Colors 2
Highlighter 2
Composition Notebook,100 pages  (no spirals please) 3
Pencils, #2 yellow - sharpened 36
Pencil box 1
Scissors, 7” sharp  1
Spiral Notebook, wide rule, 1 subject, 100 pages                           3
Paper Towels, Roll, individually wrapped 1 (Last Name      A-L)
Storage bags-, plastic, Gallon size 1 (Last Name      M-Z)
Storage bags-, plastic, quart size 1 (Last Name      A-L)
Tissues, 160-200 count 1 (Last Name      M-Z)
Teachers may request additional items after the school year begins; and some supplies may need replenishment during the school year.