5th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Students

Item Quantity
Colored Pencils, 24 count 1
Crayola Markers, Classic Colors, 10-12 Count, Fine Tip 1
Dry Erase Marker, Black, Chisel tip 4
Sharpie Marker, Black 1
In Ear Headphones (Earbuds, or headphones) placed in a clear storage bag with student's name on it             1
Erasers, White 2
Pocket Folders- Plastic (Poly)- 5 total without brads, 1 of each: Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, & Red 5
Glue Sticks, Large 6
Liquid School Glue Bottles, Large 1
Highlighter, Yellow, Wide Tip 2
Marble Composition Notebook, 100 pages  (No spirals please) 4
Pencil Bag (fabric) or pencil box 1
Pencils, #2 yellow - sharpened (Ticonderoga brand preferred) 24
Post-It sticky notes (3” x 3” size)- 1 package of yellow 1
Paper Towels - Roll 1
Scissors, 7" Sharp 1
Storage Bags-Gallon-size 1 (Last Name A-L)
Storage Bags- Sandwich size, zipper top 1 (Last Name M-Z)
Tissues, 160-200 count 1
Wipes, Disinfecting -Canister 2
Teachers may request additional items after the school year begins; and some supplies may need replenishment during the school year. Some of these supplies may be collected and shared as community supplies. Do not label supplies ahead of time.   
Teachers have requested Standard sized backpacks.